Accueil Mashed potatoes with freeze-dried ham - 190g - 1029 kcal
  • Mashed potatoes with freeze-dried ham - 190g - 1029 kcal
  • Mashed potatoes with freeze-dried ham - 190g - 1029 kcal
  • Mashed potatoes with freeze-dried ham - 190g - 1029 kcal
  • Mashed potatoes with freeze-dried ham - 190g - 1029 kcal
  • Mashed potatoes with freeze-dried ham - 190g - 1029 kcal
  • Mashed potatoes with freeze-dried ham - 190g - 1029 kcal

Mashed potatoes with freeze-dried ham - 190g - 1029 kcal



Ham without nitrite

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Take this dish anywhere family and generous.

For alimentation sportsmen... YOU are a boater, mountaineer or hiker , he will accompany you for all your outings of the weekend. The ham purée contains real pieces of freeze-dried ham and good cheese. It's the freeze-dried menu for children and adults!


Dry net weight 190 g

Resealable bag.

Energy intake

1029 kcal per serving.

Ease of use

Quick preparation between 5 to 8 min and easy thanks to its water graduation inside the bag.

Product composition


For 100g

By product

Dry weight (gr) - and 190
Rehydrated weight (gr) - and 640
Energy value (Kcal) 541 and 1029
Energy value (KJ) 2257 and 4289
Fat (gr /100g) 34 and 64
Of which saturated fatty acids (g) 8 and 16
Carbohydrates (gr /100g) 37 and 70
Of which sugars (g) 1 and 2
Protein (g) 21 and 40
Salt (gr /100g) 3 and 4.9

Product Information


Made in France


Potato flakes 40%, oleic sunflower oil, CHEESE (including anti-caking agent:
potato), superior cooked ham 10% (pork ham, salt, vegetable broth (chard, carrot), ferments), glucose syrup, MILK proteins, salt, emulsifier: mono and diglyceride of fatty acids, parsley , turmeric extract. May contain traces of: mustard. Pork meat from France.


  • Lactose

Method of preparation

Hot: pour boiling water into the bag and mix, close the zip, wait 5 minutes and enjoy.


Incinerable bag, zip, water line inside the bag.


Store in a dry and temperate place.


  • 1


    Open your freeze-dried dish and add the water to your stove

  • 2


    Boil water for 2-3 minutes

  • 3


    Fill the freeze-dried sachet with water up to the graduation indicated, mix then close

  • 4


    Wait 5-8 minutes and your dish is ready to eat

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frequently asked Questions

Where are your products made (freeze-dried meals, organic fruit snacks, etc.)?

All our VOYAGER freeze-dried meals , from breakfast to dessert, are made in France in Captieux (33) 65km south of Bordeaux, in the heart of the Landes de Gascogne forest 🌲.

As for the range of ORGANIC fruit snacks 🍏🍎 from the Fruit Ride brand, the products are made in our production center in Les Sables d'Olonne in Vendée and the majority of the fruits come from crops in the West in the Nantes region. .

What is freeze-drying?

Freeze-drying is a process that can be observed in nature in the Andes Mountains (South America). Through a set of very low temperatures and pressure, the water contained in a food changes from solid (ice) to gaseous state without passing through the liquid stage. The food retains approximately its original proportions and shape. With less water, its weight can decrease considerably (up to 75%). Food that has become porous rehydrates very easily , the water returning to its original place.

We reproduce what nature has shown us in our cooking workshops using freeze dryers. To learn more about freeze-drying , its methods and advantages, do not hesitate to discover our dedicated blog article: Freeze-drying of food: principles, advantages, conservation

How can I prepare my Voyager freeze-dried dish?

10 minutes and it's ready!

1- Open your Voyager freeze-dried dish , at the level of the notch above the zip.

2- Pour the water (hot or cold according to the recipe) according to the level indicated on the back of the sachet and follow the graduated scale in the sachet.

3- Mix and close for 5 to 10 min (as indicated on the back of the bag)

4- Open the Voyager sachet , mix well and taste it's ready!

How long can VOYAGER freeze-dried meals be kept?

VOYAGER freeze-dried meals can be kept for between 24 to 48 months , depending on the recipe. The MDD (date of minimum durability) indicates the optimal time in which the dish can be consumed. If you exceed the date of consumption the dish does not become unsuitable, it can however lose flavors and colors. To guarantee maximum satisfaction of our customers, we are committed to ensuring that any product sent in your orders has a DDM of at least 6 months. If this is not the case, the products are systematically added to our "Good deals" category at a reduced price and the information of the short date is mentioned in a visible way in the product sheet.

Do I need to store Voyager freeze-dried meals in the fridge?

No fridge needed! VOYAGER dish bags withstand bad weather, cold, heat, altitude, depth. Don't be afraid to go on an adventure!


Taste freedom with our freeze-dried food

Experience the flavor of adventure with our delicious freeze-dried food pouch. Designed for adventurers looking for freedom , this light and practical food is ideal for outdoor excursions , trekking and all expeditions where space is limited. With fresh and natural ingredients, this freeze-dried food will give you all the energy you need to explore the highest peaks.