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At VOYAGER, we are committed to allowing you to eat well, in complete freedom.

Whether it's after a long hike, a night in a bivouac under the stars, a trip in a van through beautiful landscapes, there is nothing more comforting than eating a hot and tasty meal, without constraint.

That's why for more than 30 years, we have been cooking recipes specially designed for your nomadic adventures.

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VOYAGER freeze-dried meals: French know-how

For more than thirty years we have been making delicious gourmet recipes in our cooking workshops based in the heart of the Landes de Gascogne, a few kilometers south of Bordeaux. Close to nature , we are committed to respecting it and this also involves choosing our ingredients selected as close as possible to us.

We have also chosen freeze-drying , which is a natural and gentle method for extracting water from food. Thus we preserve their organoleptic quality and nutrients to the maximum while guaranteeing a long shelf life without additives or added preservatives.

Nature is our greatest source of inspiration.

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Un savoir faire français - Plats lyophilisés - Voyager


Freeze-dried meals designed for a healthy and tasty food escape

From breakfast to dessert, from traditional dishes to exotic recipes in large or very large portions, the full range of VOYAGER freeze-dried meals is designed to meet the nutritional needs of everyone in search of escape and nature.

Whether you are a hiking enthusiast, a lover of adventures such as a desert marathon or a skipper in search of thrills at sea, our mission is to bring you all the comfort of a healthy and tasty diet adapted to your needs. .

Responsible, practical recipes adapted to outdoor leisure

In order to take full advantage of your moments of escape and freedom, VOYAGER rehydratable meals have been designed to adapt to the conditions of use of outdoor activities, while respecting nature and the environment:

  • Smart & practical packaging : pre-cut notch, zip closure, gusset to stabilize the bag and scale inside to facilitate water dosing.

  • Light and space-saving products: to take in your backpack on your hikes (recipes from 80 grams net weight),

  • Dishes that can be rehydrated in cold water and hot water (depending on whether or not you have a stove),

  • Long-term conservation adapted to all climatic conditions ,

  • Nourishing, high-energy freeze-dried meals (a selection of recipes with over 1000 calories per serving),

  • A trusted brand : thirty years of expertise in creating meals to meet all your gourmet desires and food preferences (freeze-dried vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, meat-based, fish-based, cheese-based... ). All VOYAGER dishes are cooked in France.

  • A selection of more than 50 recipes : breakfast, main course, dessert...We have designed a wide range of freeze-dried meals, to delight your taste buds.

To find out more about Voyager freeze-dried meals , advice on use and nutrition, do not hesitate to discover our Blog page.

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